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Learn about our commitment to excellence in healthcare services, specializing in MIPS reporting, HEDIS measures, and security risk assessment. Discover how our team in the USA, across cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, is dedicated to enhancing healthcare effectiveness and patient outcomes.


What We Stand For

At Pro-Active Healthcare, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional Healthcare Services is driven by our core values. We prioritize patient-centered, excellent, compassionate, transparent, collaborative, innovative, and community-focused healthcare.

Explore Proactive Health Management Solutions to optimize your reimbursements and address MIPS-related inquiries effectively. As your ideal partner, we specialize in comprehensive assistance tailored to MIPS Healthcare Reporting requirements. Elevate your performance and MIPS score through our year-round consultation services, ensuring your practice excels in all specialties. Our dedicated Consultants, led by industry veterans, provide customized solutions.

Additionally, we offer expertise in HEDIS Healthcare Measure and conduct security risk assessments to safeguard your practice. Trust Pro-Active Healthcare for a holistic approach to healthcare management, integrating MIPS, HEDIS, and HIPAA Security Risk Assessment seamlessly into our services. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to advancing your healthcare practice through innovation and collaboration.

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Pro-Active Healthcare Accolades

Recognized for Excellence - Our accolades stand as a testament to our commitment to outstanding healthcare, acknowledged within the industry for our unwavering standards of service and care.

Preferred Physician

Your Healthcare Companion - Choose your physician with confidence, knowing that each one is handpicked for their expertise, ensuring you receive the highest standard of personalized care.

Comprehensive Health Check

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics - Experience modern healthcare with our advanced blood testing services, utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostics to provide you with accurate and timely health insights.


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Pro-Active Healthcare provides a range of services including MIPS reporting, HIPAA security risk analysis, HEDIS NCQA assistance, and more. Our goal is to optimize healthcare processes and enhance overall patient care.

Pro-Active Healthcare Health Management offers tailored solutions, dedicated consultants, year-round consultation, and performance enhancement strategies. These services are designed to maximize the benefits of proactive healthcare management for your practice.

Pro-Active Healthcare is guided by values such as patient-centered care, excellence, compassion, transparency, collaboration, innovation, and a focus on the community. These values drive our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services.

Yes, Pro-Active Healthcare ensures that you have the flexibility to choose your preferred physician. We believe in empowering patients with the freedom to select healthcare providers that best suit their needs.

Pro-Active Healthcare has received accolades for excellence, demonstrating our commitment to delivering outstanding healthcare services in USA. Our industry recognition reflects our dedication to maintaining high standards in the healthcare sector.

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Explore the Advantages of Opting for Pro-Active
Healthcare Solutions

Unlock the full potential of proactive healthcare solutions with PHCSS, where personalized support converges with industry expertise. Discover the transformative impact on healthcare management, positioning your practice at the forefront of success.

Tailored Healthcare Solutions

Experience the benefits of tailored services meticulously crafted for your practice, ensuring a customized approach that addresses your unique needs.

Expert Consultants

Benefit from the knowledge and proficiency of our dedicated Consultants exclusively assigned to your practice, providing unparalleled and personalized attention.

Year-Round Support

Unlike intermittent services, our support and consultation are accessible throughout the year, ensuring continuous assistance and seamless integration into your practice.

Enhanced Performance and MIPS Scores

Elevate your practice's performance and MIPS scores with our strategic guidance and proactive solutions, designed to optimize your overall healthcare delivery.

Industry-Seasoned Professionals

Place your trust in the wealth of experience brought by industry veterans who have played pivotal roles in delivering consultation services across diverse specialties, ensuring a foundation of expertise for your practice.